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Barnes Plans To Give Back Through Nursing

Transylvania Times July 26, 2017 By the time Rhiannon Barnes graduated from Brevard High School in 2008, she had already dealt with more challenges than many people deal with in a lifetime. During the summer of 2006, Rhiannon started experiencing symptoms that do not usually affect the typical 16-year-old. Rhiannon Barnes and Glenda McCarson of Blue Ridge Community College. An athlete since middle school, Rhiannon knew that fainting spells, decreased appetite, fatigue and trouble breathing signaled that something was not right. Numerous doctors' appointments left her and her family without any logical explanations of why she was not feeling like herself. In the first week of her junior year

Scholarships -Transylvania Times June 15th

During last week’s graduation ceremonies, most speakers alluded to the graduates’ futures. Some graduates will be entering the workforce and some the military, but the majority of them plan to continue their education at either vocational, community or four-year colleges. And the vast majority of those students will be able to do so financially because they have received scholarships. The amount of scholarship money students at Brevard and Rosman high schools have received is staggering. Members of the Class of 2017 at Brevard High have received scholarships of approximately $2 million. Those at Rosman High have received more than $700,000. So, why are students from two relatively small, rur

First Connestee Falls Scholarship Recipient Surprised

Transylvania Times June 13, 2017 In 1987, Jon Levi was sitting in the Brevard High School auditorium listening to the names of scholarship recipients being read when, to his complete surprise, he heard his name announced as the first recipient of the Connestee Falls Student Scholarship. Jon Levi with his wife Victoria and daughters Grace and Mackenzie. Levi had lived in Brevard since fourth grade. His father was a chemist who worked for DuPont. "I don't remember putting my name in for the Connestee Falls Student Scholarship," he said recently. "Someone else had to have recommended me." At the time, it seemed the scholarship was awarded to student athletes. Jon was certainly that; he ran cro

Casino Night June 10th

Five years ago, Gary Dodge decided to revive “gaming” at Connestee Falls. The Social Committee had run some kind of games about fifteen years ago and the old gaming tables were still available. Gary knew what he wanted to accomplish when he set out to establish “Casino Night”: he wanted to raise money to help the Connestee Falls Student Scholarship Program. And he did. The first year, he turned over about $1000 to the Scholarship Program. This year the figure is over $2000. The first year around one hundred people attended and twenty-five people helped Gary deal; this year, more than one hundred sixty people attended and there were thirty-eight dealers and four administrators present to keep

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