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Connestee Scholarship Program Kicks Off 31st Year

On Tuesday, April 24, the Connestee Falls Student Scholarship Program kicked off its 31 year of raising money for scholarships for Transylvania County residents. The new chair of the program, Bill Medl, introduced several Connestee residents who are joining the all-volunteer organization.

Bryan O’Neill joins Medl and Gay Coffin as a co-chair of the program; Diane Adler-Wailes and Susan Edmonds replace Medl as education liaison co-chairs; Deb Peppenelli is the new Raffle and Silent Auction chair; Tom McMurray is running the pickleball tournament, and Suzanne Bailey is now in charge of the Tennis Tournament. All dates for the tournaments and other events have been set, and the first fundraising mailing has been sent out.

Medl explained that the program has a new motto this year, a wise quote from Benjamin Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Medl noted that the motto reflects the Student Scholarship Program’s view: helping Transylvania County residents further their educations and acquire more knowledge is an investment not only in the future of the scholarship recipients themselves, but also in the future of the county and of all of its residents.

According to Medl, “Knowledge is more than formal education. It includes skills like teamwork that help people become responsible and productive members of society.”

For information on all upcoming events and to donate securely online, visit http://www.cfscholarships .org.

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