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Chapman Awarded Connestee Falls Scholarship – Transylvania County, NC

Growing up with parents who are both educators, Brennan Chapman feels he was held to a very high standard.

His father, Patrick, known to friends and family as Packy, was recently named principal of T.C. Henderson School of Science and Technology; his mother, Amanda (Ledbetter) Chapman, teaches eighth grade math at Rosman Middle School.

With some chagrin and a hint of pride, Brennan explains that one of his parents would often learn how he did on a test before he did, and that he could get away with very little bad behavior.

Brennan and his sister, Reagan, started their elementary school careers at T.C. Henderson, where their parents not only studied but also taught, and their grandmother, Linda Green Chapman, taught as well.

A 2020 recipient of a Connestee Falls scholarship, Brennan is only the latest member of his family to receive the scholarship; both his mother and his cousin, Amanda, also a math teacher, received Connestee scholarships during their academic careers.

Brennan describes himself as having "a burning passion for sports," which led to his participation in football, wrestling, baseball and indoor track during his time at Rosman High School.

He is a fourth-generation, proud Rosman Tiger. His aunt, Stacie Dotson, has been an employee of Transylvania County Schools for almost 30 years.

In spite of the expectations of the many teachers in his family, Brennan was, by his own admission, a laid-back high school student, focusing most of his attention on his beloved sports. It was only in the second half of his junior year at Rosman High that he realized that he had to apply himself if he wanted to continue his education.As a result, his grades his senior year were "amazing."

His efforts paid off; in addition to the Connestee Falls scholarship, he received five other scholastic scholarships, which will make his time at Mars Hill University a bit easier. Brennan will play football at Mars Hill and major in nursing. His interest in nursing was sparked by his Health Sciences teacher at Rosman High, Stephanie Ramsey, whom he describes as a "terrific teacher."

He chose Mars Hill because of its beautiful campus and its location, which is close enough for him to come home if he wishes and far enough away so that he can become independent.

Brennan's final months at home have been very busy. He is working 40 hours per week at Burlingame Country Club on the parks and grounds crew. After work he exercises to keep himself in shape for football, which he hopes will start at Mars Hill in late August.

He is anxious to learn whether he will be taking classes online or in person this fall. Brennan is very grateful for the scholarship assistance he is receiving. Regarding the Connestee scholarship he says he really appreciates "people who entrusted someone they have never met with their money, to do the right thing and become productive members of society."

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